ITS Logistics is a third party logistics company serving North America based in Miami, Florida.
is a company founded to be a partner in North America, for all Cargo Agents who share the need of a complete 3rd party logistics service to accomplish their transportation needs and goals.
15 Years of experience, will help you simplify the inland freight in north america. Reduce the inland freight cost with competitive rates. Get high quality service with on time and accurate information centralized management for your inland freight. Long term relations with carriers, cargo agents, steamship lines, terminals and rail road companies. All inland freight needs covered with one single partner.
We take care of all the inland freight activity for our customers helping them to archive their Supply Chain Management Goals.




A complete team of specialist is always ready to handle any kind of freight, not only by moving it from one point to another, but also by indicating the best transportation way and routes to do it, from or to the main ports, terminals, airports and locations in North America. This allows us to develop excellent customer service skills, bringing to our clients specialized knowledge and efficient processes associated with logistics and transportation management.

We offer expedited service for those time critical shipments that need to be delivered at a determined date and time.


We have specialized knowledge with large experience and long term relations with many direct carriers, warehouses, airlines, steamships, container yards, rail road companies, cargo agents and many other important actors on the international supply chain, that give us an added value on transportation services.